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Regulatory Compliance

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We have extensive experience in federal, state and local compliance before the Federal Communications Commission, state commissions and local government authorities. These include:

  • Universal Service Fund (USF) compliance, reporting, payments and work-outs.
  • Domestic and international entry, rate and finance regulation.
  • Interconnection negotiation and arbitration.
  • Tariff and service guide preparation.
  • Complex dispute resolution, settlement negotiations and complaint proceedings. before the FCC, state commissions, and other forums.
  • Pole attachments, building access, and private easements.
  • Federal and state telecommunications taxation and regulatory payment obligations.
  • Municipal franchise applications and fees.
  • Utility facility protection requirements.
  • Regulatory approval for M&A and financing transactions.
  • International resale, and settlements.
  • FCC assignment/transfer of wireless licenses.