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Ksenia Makovetskaya

  /  Ksenia Makovetskaya

Ksenia is a lawyer in our Moscow office. Ksenia holds a law degree cum laude from the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) and was admitted to practice in Russia in 2014.

In her career, Ksenia has represented over 100 Russian and international clients coming from the U.S., EMEA region and the Middle East and such industries like Media, FMCG and Energy. Her primary areas of focus are regulatory and compliance issues, as well as conducting legal due diligence, including filings with Russian authorities. Ksenia has wide experience participating in the preparation of legal expert opinions on Russian law matters. She participated in several government investigation projects in Europe.

Ksenia also has extensive experience representing the interests of clients from various jurisdictions (Europe and the U.S.) before Russian courts, including cases involving contractual non-performance by Russian partners and bankruptcy cases.

Ksenia speaks Russian, English and German languages. In addition to legal work, Ksenia dedicates substantial time to corporate charity and Pro Bono initiatives and is an elected member of the Engagement Committee of Atlas Corps (U.S., 2021). Before joining our firm, Ksenia worked as an Associate at King & Spalding.