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Cyber Litigation

Cyber-Litigation, Privacy and Data Breach Liability

With many years’ experience in telecommunications, technology, and privacy litigation, the Firm offers unique insight and assistance in advising clients on dealing with claims alleging cyberattack, ,data breaches, and privacy violations.   Representation includes federal and state court claims, arbitration and actions before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state agencies.   Representative matters include:

  • Defense of clients in litigation claims alleging cyberattack liability
    • Tort liability, shareholder suits, SEC cybersecurity risk factor disclosures
    • Class action lawsuits and arbitration for data breach and privacy violations
    • Defense of corporations, officers and directors in personal and derivative shareholder suits alleging privacy, data breach or other cybersecurity violations
  • Cyber damage control:
    • Post-data breach liability mitigation
    • State and other disclosure
    • Damage and defense assessment; settlement negotiations
    • Risk mitigation:  internal and website policy preparation
  • Privacy compliance and litigation –
    • Representation before FCC; FTC; State agencies
    • Civil liability claims
    • Federal  Telecommunications Act and FCC Enforcement (“CPNI”)
    • TCPA (“Do Not Contact”) laws
    • Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and state wiretap laws
    • Liability under FCC Open Internet (Net Neutrality) rules
    • Website Privacy and “Acceptable Use” policy preparation